Low Stakes is a platform supporting DIY/radical/queer/feminist/subversive performance art and video art. 

Low Stakes is run for artists by artists. We want to show work that we don't see as much as we'd like to in art institutions. 

Low Stakes loves rough, risky work. We invite failure and support the over prepared and under rehearsed artist. 

Low Stakes Festival is an annual 2 day performance and video art event. The festival offers a group of artists a week long (optional) residency in a North London warehouse or at another London venue to make new work/develop old work which can be shown at the festival. 

Low Stakes Parties are held more frequently at VFD.

These events focus on artists developing and trying out new things. Low Stakes is an experimental lab more than anything.






Brought to you by yours truly, 

Edythe, Jack and Malik